September 2016

The Senior Citizen Discount. Count ME In.

September 26th, 2016|Humor|

I'll take it. I'll take the discount.

Dinner with the Greeks

September 19th, 2016|Humor|

I could have eaten there every night.

Mom Uses Her Cane to Get My Attention

September 12th, 2016|Humor|

Another of my mother's gems

Dubble Bubble Was My Favorite Gum.

September 6th, 2016|Stories of the 1940's and 1950's|

I chewed when I played. But not tobacco.

Rita Watson’s Farewell.

September 5th, 2016|Writing|

A writer who will be missed

August 2016

When Do I Write and What is My Process?

August 29th, 2016|Writing|

I try to answer the question about my writing