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With Tom DeNucci at Book Launch

With Tom DeNucci at Book Launch

I visited the podiatrist and, as with all first visits, I had to fill in the questionnaire. When it came to occupation, I paused. “What do I answer?”

Sure, I retired from the practice of medicine some years ago, but I was still working in a number of things… consulting, facilitator, lecturing, start up company and ‘not for profit’ boards.
But what I do most is write… for my next book, for my blog, magazines and for pleasure.

So in the blank for occupation, I wrote Author. Why not? I made a profit, albeit small, from doing it last year.
The assistant put me in the exam room. I took off my shoes and socks, and picked up a magazine, but it was not long before the doctor came in.
“My goodness,” I thought, “He is young.” The corollary to that of course is that I am old(er).
“Hi,” the young man said.”
“Hi, Doctor.”

He looked at the intake sheet. He looked up at me and then again at the sheet.

“Wait a minute,” he said. “I know you. Aren’t you a physician?”
“But you answered ‘Author’ in this occupation box.”
“I did.”
“Because that’s what I do.”

I smiled. He smiled.

“You seem so pleased.”
“I am, thank you.”
“Now, what seems to be the problem?”

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