Book Three is Coming…

Many of you ask how I started writing, why I have met with some success and why I remain enthused.

Some years ago, I told my children, adults at the time, how the immigration from Italy of my four grandparents made it possible for all of us to succeed in our great country. They came with nothing, save for a few satchels, and made something for all of us.

I told them of how my maternal grandfather built a three-family house (grandparents second floor, my mother’s sister and family first floor, our family on the third) in the Mt. Pleasant section of Providence, RI, and that I was fortunate to have the nurturing effect of the three families as the only child in residence for six years.
“I didn’t know that,” said Chris our oldest.

“Well, you need to know that.” So, I started writing.
My first story was about how my grandfather buried his fig tree every winter to save it for harvesting the next year.

‘Now,” I wondered, “What do I do with this story?” I decided to send it to the editorial pages editor of the Providence Journal (ProJo), Robert Whitcomb.

I received a call. “Hi, Ed. This is Bob Whitcomb. I read your story. I think it’s charming.”


“Yes. I’m going to run it.” Ahhh…journalistic lingo, “Run it.” I have arrived!
With Whitcomb’s confidence instilled in me, I continued to write and, in short order, I had my first book, Growing up Italian; Grandfathers Fig Tree and Other Stories.

There’s more. At the book launch a stranger strolled up and said, “Just sign it to Bob.”

“I’m sorry. Who are you?”

“Bob Whitcomb.”

“Oh my God. We’re meeting for the first time at my book launch! And you are responsible for getting me started.” He came to the launch. I gave him a hug.

Since then, I have written weekly blogs, stories for magazines, a second book (What Ever happened to Sunday Dinner?), very soon a third (From Neighborhood to Junior High School; My Story Continues) and a monthly Sunday column for that very same ProJo.
And through it all, I have had one editor, my wife, Diane.

I have loved every minute and trust the ride will continue for some time more.

Thank you to all of you who have made this possible.