By this time, you have seen the announcement for my third book, My Story Continues: From Neighborhood to Junior High School

I will be appearing in local bookstores … Barrington Books and Twice Told Tales, within the next few weeks. You can find that information at the bookstore sites (links above) or on Facebook.

This third book profiles my old neighborhood and the local schools I attended.

A few years ago, I posted a video (Link below) profiling my first book, Growing up Italian: Grandfather’s Fig Tree and Other Stories, on You Tube about that neighborhood.

Dr. Ed Discusses His Old Neighborhood

Here is an excerpt about that neighborhood from my third book

I define myself with stories that relive the fun of my early years in a small, easily-managed world. It was like a club, one I could enter and leave as I wished. When I entered that club, I was comfortable. When I left, I wanted to re-enter.
Save for the memories, there is little left of the neighborhood and the weave of families that helped to shape my life. These essays are a sentimental glance to a time that made me what I was to become.
What I write of stores, streets, schools, houses, sidewalks, streetcars, telephone poles, gardens, neighbors and friends is in a small world on a few city blocks.

C’mon, C’mon. Join me at the signings

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