Two weeks ago, I spoke to the Creative Writing Group at The Mancini Center in North Providence. Every time I do something like this, it reminds me of why I have so much fun as a writer and why I feel so lucky to be doing it.

This was another group (seniors) who shared their enthusiasm for writing and more so, considered me an author. I liked that. It’s one of my rewards among many.
There is so much to discuss at these sessions that the time simply flies by. I love the interaction.

I meet people who are excited, have an unbound energy to write and, like so many others, love it. Most are interested in writing their story, harboring feelings, soon to be liberated, that have affected them deeply. Writing has forced them to think about their life’s experiences, so much so that they are now ready to share them.
I am fortunate to see some of it unfold before me.

I encourage people to write. It is their way to make their mark, to show how they have made a difference, to pass forward a legacy which, if not recorded, is lost forever.
There are any number of places I would not have visited if it weren’t for my writing. The beautiful Mancini Center, tucked in a corner of North Providence, was one I did not miss. Thank you for the invitation.

Now, would you agree with my feeling lucky?
Would you agree that you should be writing your story?

C’mon now, Get going…

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