The Vento di Rose B&B is delightful …

It sits across from the Sibylline Hills, the Apennines and Gran Sasso in Le Marche.

Emidio and Emanuela bought their dream house twenty years ago with every intention of managing a bed and breakfast.
Their years of experience are palpable. The place is splendid; perfectly appointed in and out … rooms with touches of lavender picked daily, walls decorated with love and lace. Local wine sits on a table under the window, and in the little jar next to the wine are Emanuela’ s homemade cookies.

The outside is charming with a view from every corner of the property; places where you want to sit and read, contemplate, absorb the sounds, sights and smells. Emidio cares for his grounds with a tender touch and an eye for beauty … roses, of course, lavender, wisteria, pomegranates, cactus and other succulents, fruit and olive trees, geraniums, a huge cistern covered with ivy as if he had placed it.

Emanuela and Emidio are a team. Emanuela a magnificent cook, creating savory dishes made with local products from the area of which she is so proud …. Emidio ever present, serving her food of which he too is very proud and attending to our every need when Emanuela is away at her teaching job.

A proud Emanuela with Ed and Gary

At breakfast one morning she had us try four kinds of crostini. From the sea … caviar poveri and tuna with tomato and alici. From the mountains … tartufo for one and porcini for the other; all drizzled in her own extra virgin olive oil.

Freshly squeezed pear juice, muffins, polenta rounds with grilled tomatoes, mozzarella and parmesan completed the table. That was just the last morning. We were there for three.

And more added value from Emanuela. She has her own brand of carry bags so that we could take whatever we wanted for the road or for a picnic. What we did not take, she left in the quaint guest kitchen for a late-night snack.

The unused picnic bags folded into a rose. Of course. She gave them to the four of us for souvenirs.

On our last morning in mid-October, they arranged for snow on the mountain tops to further augment the beauty of the landscape.

Emidio and Emanuela made the four of us feel as if we were friends for life, taking care of our every need, directing us to their special places, little towns in the mountains; Emidio even arranging a local wine tasting. He led us there by car.

If you are ever in the Macerata area of Le Marche, you must stay with them.

Five stars and a few may not be enough.

© 2017