Among the many benefits of writing …

Writing has helped me meet so many wonderful people. Peter Voccio is one of those. He is that kind of individual who makes you so comfortable that you feel have known him forever. Peter is a frequent contributor to my blog and regularly posts comments.

Among our many common interests was boxing. At one point, I was an avid fan of the sport until I realized how much damage was being done to the brains of the unfortunate pugilists. So, I have not seen a fight in almost forty years. Nonetheless, I did not lose interest in the career of Rocky Marciano, especially piqued with the arrival of Mike Stanton’s book, Unbeaten. After I wrote a blog about the book, Peter got in touch.
We met at Seven Stars for coffee. Peter was sporting a welcoming, broad smile with a gleam in his eye, and … he was carrying a portfolio, kinda like he was going to make a presentation at an important meeting, and he did. He had a stack of collectibles and keepsakes. Not only were he and his wife, Ann, Rocky fans, they were boxing aficionados, having met many boxers and their managers over the years.

Peter Holding the Rocky Poster

Peter and Ann w Ali

“Look at this Rocky stuff.” He had a poster of all of Rocky’s fights. Amazing. Precious.  “And all these other pictures … Marvin Hagler, Ray Leonard, Willie Pep, etc., etc.” He and Ann were in many of the pictures. What a treasure! He reached into that portfolio and took out reams of boxing memorabilia … pictures, magazines, columns, etc. It was delight that returned me to the days when my Dad took me to see Rocky box at the RI Auditorium in Providence. Peter had a poster that depicted all of Rocky’s fights.

Peter and I had a ‘blast’ just chatting. I looked at my phone. We had been speaking for an hour, more, and the time flew by. I had another appointment and had to move on, but … we’re not finished. There is more to say. Much more.

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