While on Facebook one day, I saw a reference to Frank D’Rone, the great singer from Rhode Island who moved to Chicago some years ago. I loved his singing, had his records, saw him on the Johnny Carson Show and was excited to reconnect.frank-drone

I befriended him. His wife, Joan, contacted me to tell me, sadly, that Frank had passed away. She maintained his site. I told her of my connection to Frank, not only that I loved his singing and saw him when he was in Rhode Island, but also that my cousin was married to his cousin.
It reminded me of the time I saw Frank at The Wintergarden in Chicago a few years back.
We were visiting our son when I picked up the entertainment section to see that Frank was appearing. I was so excited that we stalled our plans and off we went to see him.

He was marvelous; his singing and musicianship the very best. One of his guest performers was the great jazz violinist Johnny Frigo…another thrill for us. When they jammed, it was over the top creative and inspiring.

I had a chance to speak to Frank, renew our mutual acquaintances in RI, have a drink together and obtain his album.
I was thrilled, especially after the introduction to Johnny. I felt important that I knew these first class, world renown entertainers, and they took time to talk to me and Diane.

So…. memories rekindled, memories of a time and great talent gone by. He was so very good.

Take a listen   This was my favorite song of Frank’s.

Thank you, Frank.

© 2017