My GoLocalProv story was published earlier today. Here is an excerpt. I hope you enjoy it.

The advent of the holiday season transports me to days of joy, excitement, and family.  Songs of Christmas filled the airwaves, announcing the start of the season, and decorations popped up magically in stores and homes.  Ornamental lights, wreaths, trees, and nativity scenes were set. Anticipation and excitement filled the air.

It was a tradition for Mom to take me to downtown Providence. As we left the bus at LaSalle Square, we walked by the Majestic Theater and the City Hall Hardware Store where there was a toy department. Toys were spinning in my head. She pulled me from store to store, entering and exchanging the commotion of the city — cars, buses, walkers and talkers — for the softer sounds of the stores with the smells of wood and pine. We passed Gladdings, Kennedys, Shepard’s to Woolworth’s, cutting through Pie Alley, stopping to look, maybe to buy, Mom never letting go of my hand.

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Magical Memories

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