Another fun story by Mary Ann

My sister and I were both employed in high-end positions in the business world.  I owned and operated a free-lance court reporting agency.  My sister. Helen, worked for Union Carbide and later with Lincare.  In the 80s, she flew up the corporate ladder to become head of sales, marketing and accounting for New England.

Our mother, Edie had the combination of impeccable class and exquisite taste. Every Christmas she would give us a new suit and blouse to match. We were the same size but the suits were always different but equally as beautiful. In December of 1992 she suffered a cerebral aneurysm and suffered for ten days and then unfortunately passed away. She was 69.

When we were back at her home making funeral arrangements, we found two beautiful suits in her closet, our Christmas presents. For some odd reason this particular year she added hair-clip bows.  They had become very popular.  Attached to the bows were TO and FROM stickers. We were able to determine what suit belonged to whom. Mine was green and Helen’s was magenta.

L>R Sister Helen, Mom Edie, Mary Ann

Call it kismet, karma or predestination, if it weren’t for those bows, we never would have known what suit she had chosen for each one of us.

Edie always did everything right. She was not only our mother, but also the Matriarch of the extended family of cousins, nieces and nephews. Every important event in the family was at our house: birthday parties, wedding showers, bridal showers and once a small wedding.

The good news for the family was the fact that my cousin, Joy, bought the home and has taken over the traditions.  Yay, Joy.

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