Below is an excerpt from my story in yesterday’s GoLocal

We can fast forward to just a couple of summers ago. I saw an ad in the paper for a reunion of The Hayloft Jamboree at The Mishnock Barn in West Greenwich. Well, I could not wait to get there on this warm Sunday afternoon. Diane and I started to swing to the music as soon as we entered. On the stage was Eddie Zack, Jr. rekindling the tunes we heard so many years ago.

The regulars were dressed in wonderful western gear with cowboy boots, tight-fitting jeans, ten-gallon hats, string ties, flowing multi-colored dresses, wide belts, and large buckles. Oh my, how they did the Texas two-step so effortlessly.

They took no notice of us (me in pale yellow shorts and Nike sneakers) as we danced to “Your Cheatin’ Heart” and so many other classic western tunes.

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Eddie Zack and Campbell’s Soup