“Leave room for the Holy Ghost.”

As a teenager, I went to dances on Saturday evenings at the LaSalle High School Auditorium. Called The LaSalle Canteen, it was a place for friends to gather under the watchful eyes of the Christian brothers while we danced to the spinning 45’s.

I remember how much fun it was…sorta… most of the time. The trouble was finding the right girl for a partner, preferably the one who was your unspoken girlfriend, one you have a shine for, were wooing, took to, oogled (Google was a long way off), went walking with, tried to reach first base with, asked the ‘can I call you question’, carried her books, borrowed her pencils, borrowed her homework, met at/sometimes sat with at the movies and was shorter. Well…. You know what I mean.

It took some time before my confidence rose to an appropriate height on those nights, or anytime for that matter. There were Canteen struggles that slowed me down, stymied me.

Courtesy of Dreamstime

Courtesy of Dreamstime

Like…she was standing with a group of girlfriends.

Like…someone else was dancing with her.

Like….it was ladies choice and you ran to the boy’s room.

Like…. you came out of the boy’s room and your ‘girlfriend’ tapped someone else.

Like…it just wasn’t the right song.

And finally, finally, when you did get around to asking her to dance, two things happened:

1. The Brothers came around, took a close look and admonished, “Leave room for the Holy Ghost,” and
2. It took so long for you to find each other that there was only one dance left, just when you were warming up. And the tune? Why “Good Night Sweetheart” by The Spaniels of course.

Who had these experiences at 14? C’mon, C’mon , Let’s hear ’em…

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