As we get deeper into winter and snow is in the air, I think of my fun days of snow stuff

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Courtesy of iCanvas

Hoping for slightly moist snow so that I could roll it like a stone, I started the snowman by packing a snowball and pushing it about the yard as the heavy snow stuck. The big ball would stand where I could push no further.  Back I went for the torso, starting a little closer so the next roll would be smaller and liftable.  Back for the head, ending with something easier to lift. I packed snow into the gaps to round the sides. It may have been a bit lopsided, but it was done!  Now, I understand there are battery powered perfect snow spheres that attract snow by an electrical charge forming the body of a snowman. No way! A real snowman must be rolled, packed and sealed with love.

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A Snow Man and a Snow Fort