Things are a-changing as they say.

I blogged last week that I would now be doing a weekly column for GoLocalProv

Yesterday was my first piece, and I am thrilled with its reception.

Here is a link to it. A Door Opens

It tells the story of how I went from the practice of medicine to writing; giving credit where credit is due. Plenty to go around. Thank you, All.

Herein, my blog, EdWrites, which will be Monday’s GoLocal story, will post on Tuesday. I will continue with other blogs and guest posts during the week, probably on Thursday. As always, I welcome guest writers. We all improve when you write, so PLEASE keep it going.

Needless to say, I am excited by this new venture; energized by ideas that come to me almost every day, energized by the energy at GoLocal.

Join me in this venture. io would love it.

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