Forgive the rant! Something has been eating at me for a while. Maybe I just have too much time on my hands.
     No, that’s not it. With the house, inside and the lawn and beds, the boat, a classic 38’ Pearson, teaching sailing, charters and a bunch of other stuff, I have plenty to do. My time is, as they say, “spoken for”.
     Perhaps a little background will help. Growing up, my brother Ed and I wrote thank you notes. It was not our idea. Believe me, it was not our idea. Christmas, birthdays, First Communion, Confirmation and any  other ceremony, family gathering, out-of-town visits, Rosie sat us down at the kitchen table, wrote the note and then had us copy it in our best penmanship. And the envelope!
     “Dear Auntie Anna, Thank you for the underwear. It is just the right size. (Auntie Anna always gave us underwear; no matter the occasion.)
Love, Anthony”
     That was it! The note was written within days, if not the next day. I guess in the 50’s, a note was expected by the giver from the givee. Why then and not now?
     My wife, Lori, and I have 11 grandkids between us…a football team! Their parents are college educated professionals: a teacher, a rocket scientist (literally a rocket scientist), a doctor, an accomplished carpenter, a registered nurse, another teacher with a master’s degree, a salesman and stay at home Moms.
     The grandkids’ ages range from less than a year to 18. Five or six of them can at least write their names. So, why don’t we get a ” thank you” note, a phone call, a friggin’ email to say thanks for the gift?
     Maybe the $$$, or whatever, was disappointing and not worth the 5 minutes it takes to write a note, make a call, email or text. with a cell phone.
     Along with the gifts, I have enclosed note cards, stamps, pens…get the hint. I receive a note( occasionally) and  I return a note with a few bucks.
     I am begging, not groveling, write to me. Tell me what you’re doing. I’m good; I won’t “kiss and tell”. Nope! No! I don’t have time! Sorry, Papa.
     Gentle Readers, how long would it take you to answer a note for $5 bucks?  I’d be writing notes all day long!
     I must be honest. It’s not just the kids and their parents. It is that whole generation.
     In 2012, we were invited to two weddings and were made aware of a third… all in August and September. We attended two, bearing gifts, and sent a gift to the third. At this writing, now February 2013, Nada! Zero! Zip! Nothing!
     Our bank statement told us that the generous gifts were accepted. THE CHECKS WERE CASHED! What the hell is going on here?
     Don’t send me notes; I ain’t sending you any money!
     I have decided on my Christmas gifts for this year:
     Books: Emily Post and Miss Manners!