I built a street racer with my older cousin using the axle and wheels from my old English perambulator. The ball bearing wheels were 8 and 10 inches respectively. We used an old 10 penny nail barrel as a cab and an oak stick for a break. We nailed the works to a 2 X 8 board which my grandfather found for me at the Brown and Sharpe dump at the end  Sisson Street on Manton Avenue.  We had an “in”. Our friend, the dump custodian, sent a runner to our house to let my grandfather know that new stuff had been dumped. Lucky us!  From there, we rescued boards, containers and cast off tools.

From his dump collection, my grandfather built a shanty (shendy), complete with window and hinged door “out back” of his garden to store his tools. He also built a smaller house for my cousin and me from the same cast offs from B&S.  On many Saturdays we helped him break down old pallets, remove and straighten the nails with one of his old tools.

 I loved that shanty and that house because they were reminders of his energy and fortitude and…our fun!