In the post mortem giddy analyses of the super bowl, analyses that I heard in so many ways, maybe too many… e-mail, telephone, magazines and newspapers… I decided to listen to a sports talk show, something generally out of my realm.

There is a certain similarity to the shows… repetitive, avuncular, observations made by those who do not play the games, etc., that I rarely listened.
However, after that marvelous game, I thought I would give one a chance. Gad!

The commercials…way too many, too loud, offensive.
The callers…similar and adding little to the luster, or intricacies, of the game.
Brady’s interview was interesting, as an MVP might be.

And why do sportscasters feel the need to screech? That, along with the ambiguity, ridicule, overanalyzes, humiliation, laughter and derisions can put a person to flight, and it did.