Somehow, they made it happen

The title of this story is no mistake.  Anytime I asked either one of them for anything, it miraculously would appear.

My grandmother, Edith Lawton, married my grandfather, Charles Vincent Ryan. Her sister, Ruth, married James Aloysius Cashman.

They were very close and worked together at the US Rubber Company on Valley Street.  They painted the red dots on golf balls for twenty years.  Residents of Mt. Pleasant in Providence, RI, they walked to and from work.  They always wore high heels because they knew they had great legs. I was fortunate enough to inherit them.

One day my mother dropped me at my grandmother’s. I was in a skirt, and I started to cry that I wanted to play in shorts.  Ma Ryan whipped up a pair out of printed material with an elastic waist.  I was good to go. They instantly became my favorite ones.

When I was in the Christmas pageant in the first grade at Blessed Sacrament School, my grandmother made by angel outfit out of pink satin, and my aunt made the angel wings.

I received a bride doll for Christmas.  My grandmother made a bridesmaid dress and street clothes while my aunt crocheted a coat, hat and gloves.

Ma Ryan, as we called her, had a grape trellis in her backyard, and they would jar grape jelly and let me play with the paraffin wax. They also preserved piccalilli and relish.  I loved those times and I was always invited to help out. It was like a miracle to my little mind.

My grandmother made the best pasta “fazool.” Being Irish, we never referred to it as pasta fagioli. To this day it is one of my favorite meals.

I still have very fond memories of them and cherish those miraculous moments.

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