A day of sledding and a bite on the butt …

Our next-door neighbor, Ethel Pond, never married. Ethel had a not-so-friendly hairless, black dog named Pal. Pal would sit in his doghouse; most of the time secured by a chain. On the rare occasion when he somehow got off the chain, he moved with lightning speed.

Pal-Like. Sorta

One day, we saw him chase the paper boy only to be thwarted by my mother who advised the paper boy to throw his bike at Pal and run into our house.

Ethel worked in the bookkeeping department at The Rumford Baking Powder in Rumford R.I. She walked every day about a mile each way. When we first moved to Seekonk and became neighbors, we didn’t see her much. After several years, she became friendly with my mother.

In the mid 1940’s when I was about 10 and my brother, Joseph, was 13, we had a wonderful day sledding down many hills with our friends. As we returned to our home, Pal came charging and bit my brother Joseph on the butt. He ended up with a tetanus shot and a sore bum.
When we saw Ethel walking to work, we would always give her a ride. No worries. There were no hard feelings about the bite, except on my brother’s rump.

Since that day of long ago I respect and fear dogs ( scary cat)
Another note, typically neighborhood; my two older brothers bought her house in 1971 when Ethel passed on.