I just HAD to do it …

This is a video blog, rekindling my memories of the old neighborhood. And my schools, of course. It was a nostalgic visit, one I needed to do since I write so often about it. I hope my long time neighborhood friends can so identify. As I thought about and finally did the video, the following words came to mind: connectedness, comfort, social boundaries, physical boundaries, sense of identity, continuity, challenge, safety, security, mothers, fathers, friendsWatch the video and add some words.

George J. West Graduation                             1954

It is about twelve minutes long. Oh, and yes, when I pick up that ball on the baseball field, I realize it was a softball, not a baseball. But the prop worked; just another connection.

Perhaps it may incite you to write your story, return to YOUR neighborhood and realize the emotion.

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I return to the old neighborhood

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