While a student at Providence College, I worked summers at Taco Heaters (now Taco HVAC) in Cranston Rhode Island. They made hot water circulators, so many that I thought they were dumping them in the ocean.

Though I worked the ‘graveyard shift‘, 11 to 7, and had trouble sleeping during the day (you know, beach stuff, hanging with the guys at night), I loved the job.
I met many interesting workers and so enjoyed their company, and I had a chance to play for their softball team. It was time away from hard studying and the incessant drive for top grades to get to medical school. A summer of work and some relaxation.

Today, I was having lunch with my friend Herb, and he told me how his doctor was indebted to the place where he worked summers.
“You know,” Herb said, “He told me he made enough in the summer to pay for his housing at Boston College.”
It gave me pause as I thought for a moment and replied to Herb, “Well, so interesting. I made enough in my summer at Taco to pay for one year’s tuition.”

Long gone are those days of summer work to pay for college expenses.