My column in yesterday’s GoLocalProv is about New Year traditions.

Some years ago, we journeyed to Umbria and the Italian hill town of Castellucio (near Norcia) in the Apennine Mountains. The tranquil village lies above the plain. As we traveled above the tree line, we looked up at people hang gliding and down on fertile valleys lavishly colored with red poppies, yellow rapeseed, and acres of bushy, pale blue flowered lentils. Yes, lentils. The town is known for its excellent production.

Courtesy of Getty Images

I think of that beautiful village of one hundred and fifty inhabitants at New Year because of the Italian custom that reveres lentils. New Year’s Day is celebrated with those lens-shaped, high protein, high fiber legumes that denote hoped-for prosperity. They symbolize little coins; the more lentils, the more coins one might realize in the year to come.

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Happy Healthy New Year