Memories of THAT hurricane are etched forever …

I don’t remember how the day started at the onset of the 1938 hurricane.  I knew it was stormy and windy outside, but we had many other stormy and windy days called nor’easters.

Downtown Providence RI

The memory that this storm was like no other, was when one of the windows in the living room was smashed and the wind was blowing the rain into the house.  My grandfather took hold of the shade (as I recall we had deep blue shades) and as he pulled it down over the window, started to chant repeatedly, “Kyrie Eleison, Christe Eleison”.  This did not help much, and my brother and I were frightened.   My mom huddled us into her bedroom and we started to pray for my father to be safe and to be able to get home.

My father worked in the city at A. J. Sanborn & Sons, a leather findings store on Exchange Place in Providence (I think the number was 20).  His means of transportation was the bus which he used 4 times a day to and from work and lunchtime.  The bus stopped directly in front of the store. The city was flooded so this means of transportation was unavailable.  He walked to higher ground. Someone driving by picked him up and drove him close to home. He walked the rest of the way.

When he arrived home safely we were also happy to see him. He took charge … got a huge board from the cellar to block the window, the kerosene lamps for light, we had gas for cooking.

He kept us busy so we wouldn’t be afraid. He was home! All was well!

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