In my recent blog about professionalism …. models of behavior at all levels … I expressed some concern that we might be losing our way in learning values in the right places… home, school, church scouts, team, etc.

My confidence was restored when Diane and I went to The Met School in Providence to a presentation by Max, our surrogate grandson.


The first thing I saw hanging on a wall at the entrance was this sign ( my picture by phone) well displayed for all to see. It is titled Family Rules.

We should not be surprised to see phrases such as: love each other, listen to your parents, always tell the truth, keep your promises etc.

No, not surprised, rather encouraged.

We listened to Max’ presentation of the values he learned at the school, and what it meant to him as he embarked on his next step to college.

I scribbled some adjectives about him … composed, articulate, engaging, witty, humorous, flexible, observant, respectful, comfortable….and more. Max was at another plateau.

Alyssia, Max, Ned

Alysia, Max, Ned

This is what I am writing of. This is where we learn the values of professionalism… broadly defined (by me) as a roadmap to live a life of integrity and respect.

I was emotional, thrilled and encouraged.