And what to my surprise. Here is an excerpt of yesterdays’ column in GoLocalProv

On this day, I wanted to show the kids that I could curve the ball and hit the pocket between the one and three pin, the way I saw the world champ do it on TV when I was a kid.   “Pay attention, kids! Watch me curve this one into the pocket for a strike!”

I bent over to swipe the alley with my fingers. “Hmmm, “I thought. “I don’t remember this much oil.”  I dried my hands on the nearby blower as the ball made its way to me along the aqueduct.

I picked it up, squeezed my fingers in, walked back as far as I could, took my run, swung my arm back and tried to let the missile go. 

To read the entire piece, click on the link below. See if you think I am a hero.

A Surprise in the Bowling Alley