It was an meeting of a group of physicians, now retired, that practiced for the most part at RI Hospital. The genesis of the idea was Arun Singh’s. “Ed, we should not lose touch with our friends; people we saw every day, shared patient care, education and a whole bunch of things.”

He was right. A simple clarion call by Arun got a large group of us together, maybe twenty with a few no-shows because of conflicts.

Arun arranged lunch. The spirit in the room was high. Nostalgia flowed like lava, a warm glow pervasive.

I looked at the group and thought, “My goodness, what talent, and so understated. These are people who have had millions, yes millions of patient contacts over the years.” Look at it this way. An internist seeing 100 patients per week for forty weeks for thirty years would have had 120,000 patient contacts in a career; a modest number.

We were a group of internists, surgeons, ophthalmologists, cardiologists, gastroenterologists, etc.
The average career was probably forty years. So, when I say there were MILLIONS of patient contacts by this group, I don’t believe I was far off.

Think of their impact on the health care of people from RI and nearby environs. Think of the lives saved, families comforted, confident and consoled. I did that day, and I was proud to be a part of this newly formed group.

Success for any event depends on the participation of all members. This was an enthusiastic, energetic and electrified group; everybody was involved in creating its success.

(Yes indeed, that’s Frank Merlino with Arun. He will be at the next convocation!)

“RODEO,” said Rick Christian. “Retired Old Doctors Eating Out.”

Yes, indeed we were. And having a blast.
More to come…. Stay Tuned. I’ll have more pictures next time.