I love reunions.
In the past month, we have had lunch with friends and classmates from junior high school, my neighborhood, my high school (the over 50 year grads group) and most recently, medical school.
I have been a part of a monthly luncheon for almost twenty years with college classmates.

I find a significant and meaningful difference between the last group, those who meet monthly, and the previous groups, those who meet sporadically; quarterly or yearly.
I know my monthly group. There, we have a chance not only to discuss the old days and, but also current events, politics, sports, the opportunity to delve more deeply into things infrequent gatherers do not; family, failures, successes(different from the usual), spirituality, health care, loss, sorrow or just plain ‘How ya doin’, You OK??

Though the other gatherings are much cherished fun, they do not approach the familiarity of the frequent group, and I feel something is missing.
Do not get me wrong. I love discussing the past, love laughing at jokes, love holing up over lunch and away from the days’ frenzy for the moment, but sometimes I want more.

At a recent meeting, though I had a splendid time with dear friends, I felt a tad cheated. I wanted a one on one with each of the people, like the old days when we seemed to need each other more because that is all we had in the moment.

I am not sure what to do about it, since time is short and other commitments prevail. But what I would like, if I could, is to meet one on one with everyone, just to talk, just to catch up, maybe to delve a bit more, maybe not, but just having the chance.

Maybe it’s time to start.

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