Mike and Tony

Mike and Tony

As you know, I have been a champion of connecting with the past, particularly when it comes to longstanding friendships. I had a fine taste of that kind of relationship in Bristol last week when I was visited by my friend, Mike.

“Ed,” said Mike, “My college roommate is here from out of town for a visit, and I would love to show Bristol to him. Can we meet you one day next week?” “Of course, Mike, of course.”

It gave me a chance to meet with Mike and Patti, long time friends (I don’t have any old friends) and to show them the wonderful small town of Bristol…”Newport witout the traffic” I like to say.

The day was splendid, the town even more so… from the docks to the Linden trees, the mansions, the parade route, on and on until we reached The Bagel Shop where we had lunch. I love the Bagel Shop. What’s not to love… fresh bagels, great sandwiches and fine coffee, Mike’s treat. We had a chance to chat. Moreso, I had a chance to sit with Mike, Patti and their friends, Tony and Mary Jo, and to listen.

It was a treat that complemented the lunch. Mike and Tony were roommates at Boston College, and they maintained their friendship for over 50 years, a bond that might be stronger than brother to brother. They share stories of the past… travel together, many home visits and a knapsack full of great memories. They  glance at each other and smile as if to say, “Haven’t we had a blast for oh these many years.” They laugh, a lot.

It is the epitome of friendship… no judgements, no frills, just acceptance, just plain friends. We spent over two hours together. “Thanks, Ed, for taking the time to show us this great town. We loved it.”

No, thank you Mike and Tony. Thanks for reminding me how lucky good friendship can be and is. Thanks for letting me share it with you.

The pleasure was mine, all mine.