We had a nice crop of winter tomatoes going through December and into January, half-a-dozen plants with a load of green tomatoes (I was late planting) and stringbeans, too. Then the local prognosticators of atmospheric conditions commenced: “Wrap your outside faucets; Bring in your pets; Cover your plants; the temperature is going to fall below thirty degrees and it may last for a couple of hours”.

The sky is falling; the sky is falling!

Understand, my Green Thumbed Friends of the Northern persuasion, we live in South Texas, on Galveston Bay. Our last freeze of any consequence was back in “ought six”, as we old timers like to say. C’mon, we’ve got lemon trees. Ask Pete! And sweet, not Del Monte!

Well (said slowly and sounds like “Whelp”), I didn’t pay much mind to those often wrong, no account, silver tongued devils… and damn if they weren’t right, finally.

Now, I didn’t disregard the knuckleheads completely; I’m crazy, not stupid. So about 2130 (that’s 9:30 for you non-nautical types) as the temp fell to 32 degrees, I moved my warm, sittin’ in front of the fire, butt outdoors to pick tomatoes. To hell with the beans! Which brings us to the cookin’ part of the story.

I’ve got a mess-o-green tomatoes and almost no idea what to do with them. Every Italian guy can cook; thinks he can cook even if he can’t boil water or he has an inferiority complex. Kitchen envy! I can cook! And I can read, too, with some comprehension and memory.

One of Dr Ed’s blogs had Minna’s favorite recipes using green tomatoes. I found it: Abruzzo Green Tomato Pasta.

Not that hard to do: tomatoes, I got; garlic, are you kiddin’, fresh parsley, the freeze didn’t’ affect it, got the basil though, back to the frozen; olive oil; baking soda (?); some linguine and a couple of martinis for the cook. No need to go to the market except for some fresh spinach and knock-off Italian bread (no bakeries here like you guys have, Crugnale’s, et alia). Set the table, serve a simple Italian dinner, pour a glass of wine (red or white? After the martinis, who cares).

Lori loved it!

Thanks Ed and Minna!