We Take a Spin. So Did Mom and Dad

I remember my Dad asking my mother, usually on a Sunday evening, “Anna, would you like to ‘take a spin’ tonight?” ‘Take a spin’ usually meant a short ride through the downtown streets of Providence. My father knew how much my mother loved to window shop.

So on those Sunday evenings, he took her on a spin.
He was so patient because even though my mother worked in the city and frequented the stores regularly, she still loved to stop in front of each store…Gladding’s, Shepard’s, Cherry and Webb, the Outlet, the Boston Store, etc. for lengthy periods on those spins.

The Tri Store Bridge

The Tri Store Bridge

Then Dad did even more to make her happy. He took her to the Triangle Diner near the State house for strawberry shortcake, her favorite at the end of each ride.

Things are different now…little window shopping on Sunday evenings, Mom and Dad are gone and no strawberry shortcake.
But just last week, Diane and I decided to ‘take a spin’…not to Providence, not to window shop.

We went to a beautiful part of our state; Tiverton , Little Compton, Sakonnet…just to drive, just to enjoy a beautiful day, just to appreciate the tranquility and views, just to have lunch, just to ‘take a spin’ for the sake of it.

Beautiful Tiverton

Beautiful Tiverton

I recommend it.

What a wonderful spin it was.

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  1. peter voccio jr June 9, 2017 at 2:52 am - Reply

    Growing up in Seekonk I became friends with a boy his grandfather had a
    farm across from us and on occasion would put us in the back of the truck
    for a trip to Tiverton(pop peckams) a very old gent who had a cabin on the water.
    We swam caught crabs in the near creek.
    My wife Ann and I have taken a few trips after crossing Mt Hope bridge its like
    traveling back 100 years,Adamsville and the general store so relaxing.
    Its been awhile. Might be time for a cone at Grays.

    • Ed June 9, 2017 at 12:48 pm - Reply

      Thanks, Peter. keep your wonderful memories coming.

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