Last week we drove by an old drive-in movie theater in Sutton, MA. Long closed. It was sad to see it in such disrepair.Rustic Drive In 2

We were able to spot the old screen from the street. For years I had not thought about the ‘outdoor movie’ in a car and was a tad surprised to recall how big the screen was.
If you look carefully, you can see the screen in the distance beyond the deteriorating entrance.

For our family, the drive-in movie was a Saturday night event, not every Saturday; rather it was when Dad and Mom wanted to treat us to the experience of a movie under the stars. Ours was the Cranston Drive-In Theater.
Our only other outdoor movie experiences were the ones at the general store at the beach (click on  my link on the lower right of this page). Who was the genius (It was Richard Hollingshead) to think we could do the same thing sitting in a car looking at such a huge screen?

After Dad paid, $1 for all four of us I believe, I remember pulling to the spot where we settled with our car tilted upward. We rolled down the window, reached out to grab a speaker off its post and hung it on the window. The place was packed. It was dusk.

We waited forever for the movie to start, often jumping out of the car to walk around or to go to the refreshment stand.
The screen lit up as the movie was heralded by white dots and static from the speaker. Then came an endless string of advertisements, most of them telling us to go to the refreshment stand.

I cannot remember a single movie I saw. It was a late start for me and Peter. I made it through the cartoon but fell asleep for the main feature.

So, do you have a drive-in theater experience?

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