There is only one of my mother’s siblings left, and that is my 93 year old aunt, Della.
She is an icon, and we see her often.

With daughter Carolyn

Though a bit infirm and painfully hard of hearing, she is, nonetheless, still quite sharp.
She remembers and asks about all our children (5) and grandchildren (9).
When I need a resource for the stories I write,
when I need my memory jogged a bit, I ask her.
“Oh yes, she lived at…”
“Oh, I remember him. He worked at…”
“Let me tell you the way Mike hired us at Calart.”
“Edward, when you were a kid…”
It’s a treat to let her remember for us.
We arranged to have a good old-fashioned Sunday dinner at her home a few weeks ago.
The cooks pitched in…antipasto, macaroni, meatballs, broiled chicken and overdone potatoes….
all mixed with lots of memories and just plain emotional fun.
“I have an idea.” said Steve, “Let’s keep doing this, often, maybe every couple of months or so.”
Great idea, Steve, let’s do it.