Grandma’s Brain Food

The heart of anyone of Italian heritage is in and with their family. All love, help and encouragement flows through family. This takes place every Sunday at Nonna’s house. After a totally home cooked Italian dinner, you come away from the table puffed up with not only food, but knowing that your grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles think you are beautiful (handsome), smart, talented, sweet, creative, well dressed and one day will go to Harvard, perhaps to medical school or into law, and be a smashing success at whatever you do.

So, with such confidence in you, is there anything you could possibly do to embarrass your family or not succeed? You study constantly, get good grades, and speak up in class so the teacher is sure to know just how smart you really are. You are always clean and neat and are careful not to dress like a puttana, a tramp.

You even make sure, when the time comes, that you marry someone of Italian heritage and have little bambinos of your own, and they too will come to the Sunday table where they will be indoctrinated in how to live a life acceptable to their family, God and their country.

What a proud, useful and positive heritage!