Meeting People; The Fun of Writing

Why I am thrilled with writing

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Ravioli on Sunday and a Healthy Blog

On the road again...

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Rita Watson’s Farewell.

A writer who will be missed

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When Do I Write and What is My Process?

I try to answer the question about my writing

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My Top Ten Authors

How do I choose my favorite authors? Hard to give a simple answer. The list is the best I can do

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We Meet Author and Professor Abraham Verghese

A lovely evening with Dr. Verghese

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So What is this Comma Bit?

What of the comma?

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Great Writing. Comparing Sports to Life.

Sports and life. There are so many examples.

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So How Was It That It Happened? Tell Us. Write It.

So how do I remember what I remember?

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We Present at the Warwick Museum of Art

Visit this gem of a museum...

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