Pierogis, Patti’s and Just Plain Fun

Good food, good conversation and a good mystery makes for good fun

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Dinner with the Greeks… A Familiar Place

I loved that diner and those guys

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Monaleek Writes: Restaurants on Federal Hill, Early 1900's

A Ukulale on Federal Hill? Really?

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Minna's Favorite Recipes…Chicken Riggies

Now here is a different one.

Bridgton, Maine

A weekend delight

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Rome…things we like to do

Try to visit Rome in the off-season. we have done so and...

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Savoring Federal Hill

This tour is a savory must.

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Bevagna, Umbria in October

A small Umbrian town to be enjoyed

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Boston North End

I had the good fortune to be asked by Louise Taglieri to speak at the North End Library late last year. I had never met Louise but was told that she was the unofficial spokesperson for the Italians of the North End. Any trip to that part of Boston excites me not only for the palpable Italian culture but also for the rich tradition of New England history that it embodies. And, of course, there are the restaurants, no less than three of them owned by Louise's family.

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