True Love, Carolyn Egan, Guest Author

A great love story for Valentine's Day

Wednesday’s Wisdom. Paulo Coelho

Stay focused

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Good News And A Rainbow

What do you think the rainbow means? We know.

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Thoughts From the Past. Do You Have Any Today?

My mind wandered today...

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So How About a Bunny for Easter…

Now for the bunny...

How Would You Define an Intelligent Person?

So who is intelligent and how do you know?

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Friday’s Quick Quip. Learning. Live What You Learn to Learn It Better

So get on it. Learn.

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The Kellogg’s Man Who Had a Stash

I wish I had that memorabilia today

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So Can You Do It And Is It Worth It?

You can fulfill a resolution if you keep it simple...

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Dad's Tree. My Annual Christmas Story**

Dad loved to decorate the tree.

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