Our Neighborhood Cobbler, err…Shoemaker…err…Shumake

He made the shoes like new

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Bonfire on the 4th

What a Night!

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True Love, Carolyn Egan, Guest Author

A great love story for Valentine's Day

A Patient on the Kitchen Table! You Gotta be Kidding.

They took him literally

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Have You Had an Embarrassing Moment? Here is Mine. What Was Yours?

I punch the driver

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Wednesday’s Wisdom. Birthplace and Destiny

You may live in many places, but you come from only one

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A Box Cart. If You Build It, It Should Run.

Have you ever built a box cart? And did it run?

Excerpts From The Books. Write Your Story

Occasional excerpts from the books...and a new blog

I Loved My┬áLibrarian and My Library. Doesn’t Everyone?

I loved the library and my librarian story-teller

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Waffles and Garbage and All the Other Peddlers

So did you have a waffle man?

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