The Seven Hills of Providence, Rhode Island. Do You Know Them?

So who knew we had seven?

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The Anthony Medal in Rhode Island. Reprise, Since So Many of You Have Written

I wanted an Anthony medal

Visit the Marconi Monument in Roger Williams Park

What would Marconi think if he came back today?

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We Present at The Johnston Historical Society. What a Treat.

There are so many historical treasures.

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E Pluribus Unum. The Latin Returns

So what does it mean?

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A Former Patient Reminds Me About Noxzema

Man, that sunburn killed!

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The Origin of a Name. Here is My Story

Do you know the origin of your name?

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I Loved My┬áLibrarian and My Library. Doesn’t Everyone?

I loved the library and my librarian story-teller

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Today in History. The Mayflower

mayflowerOn this day in 1620 the British ship the Mayflower landed in Plymouth, Massachusetts?

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Mort White. A Friend From The Past

What a fun conversation....

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