Take the Time to Listen. Thoughts in a Writing Class

One never knows where thoughts will lead.

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The Anthony Medal in Rhode Island. Reprise, Since So Many of You Have Written

I wanted an Anthony medal

What Are My Suggestions for Retirement?

There is so much to do in your retirement

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Joe Brum Visits the Providence College Lunch Group

Joe Brum is class

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The Periodic Table Takes Me Back.

I want to get to the Periodic Table

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The Seven Hills Are Fourteen When You Add Rome and Providence

Do you know the hills?

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Truth, Fact and Imagination. Which Will It Be?

What do you remember when you write?

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A Mink. Really?

Just lying there in the road

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Steve Gets Bullied

Getting even with a bully...

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So What Does a Trot mean To You?

It was necessary on many occasions

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