When I was a kid, I liked:

Ice cream from Biagio’s on Manton Avenue and the Lincoln Woods Creamery after a day of swimming
Eating Chinese food with Mom at Chen’s Chinese Restaurant on the second floor over Thom McCann’s store in Providence
New York System hot wieners at various places: across from the Majestic, in Olneyville, and on Chalkstone Avenue (the original, still there)
A hot roast beef dinner at the Silver Top Diner on Smith Street near the old St. Patrick’s Church
Hot dogs at Haven Brothers in front of City Hall 
Angelo’s Restaurant on the Hill 
Shepard’s Tea Room


Lemon squares, sfogliatelle and zeppole
Picnics at Lincoln Woods with extended family
Lido Beach in Narragansett
Meatball and sausage sandwiches on Vienna rolls from DiLuise’s Bakery on Chalkstone Avenue
Hope Club or Fox orange and root beer sodas
Listening to Metropolitan Opera Broadcasts with my older cousin Nick Spada on Saturdays in his mother’s living room
Traveling opera companies at the Metropolitan Theatre…where older cousins brought me to see the big bands in the early 1940s…
Sneaking up the back stairs of the Arcadia Ballroom where I saw Louis Armstrong (Duke Belaire’s dad ran the place). 
Playing the accordion at by Lillian Migliori’s recitals. She ran the Chopin Juvenile Club where I met young people who became stars — Christine Hennessey (ballet), Ray Martone (baritone), Anna Maria Saritelli(opera diva)
Playing trumpet in the La Salle Academy marching and concert bands
Listening to Italian 78 recordings on my grandfather’s windup Victrola
Swimming at the Olneyville Boys Club, in the “baby pond” at Merino Park, naked in the Woonasquatucket River, and at “The Bulk”, down from the bridge on Glenbridge Avenue
Riding my bike to Twin Rivers and, though forbidden, swimming in the abandoned quarry on Baltimore Street off of Manton AvenueSo…what did you like in those days…???