Many ask me what I do it in retirement and what suggestions might I have for those contemplating it. OK, here are my thoughts.

  1. Stay close to your family. Be in touch. Call, write, visit
  2. Read
  3. Write
  4. Travel, even a local trip
  5. Surround yourself with smart people
  6. Volunteer….community, library, soup kitchen, non-profit board, docent, etc.. There are any number of things
  7. Read
  8. Exercise on schedule. A former coach used to say, “The body loves a system.”
  9. Afternoon naps are good
  10. Read
  11. Help people
  12. When someone asks, “Are you interested in…” say yes until you are sure you are not
  13. Meet new people. Introduce yourself
  14. Read
  15. Visit museums

I had a friend say to me when I asked him if he kept busy during his retirement, “Ed, I wake up every morning at seven with nothing to do, and at five, I am only half done.”

Thoreau said, “If you advance in the general direction of your dreams, you may have them.”

So # 16. Dream