Diane and I weren’t quite sure what to expect when we saw the invitation to The Weaver Library in East Providence. Bella. An Immigrant’s Tale of Resilience and Courage. But anytime we see the words “resilience” and “courage” attached to anything about the immigrants, we are in! Off to the library we went to see Vicki Summers as Bella. And it was worth the trip.

Ms. Summers, a professional actress, was all of that. The play is about her grandmother, a Russian Jewish immigrant who escaped the pogroms and made a life in America. Vicki  wrote the play and plays all the characters. She was wonderful.

Vicki Summers as Bella

Here is a review by Elizabeth Liuzzi on Facebook:

“With Bella, An Immigrant’s Tale, Vicki Summers has penned a true love story. This charming one woman show takes the audience on an emotional roller coaster ride. Bella’s tale paints a picture of a life full of courage, joy, patience, disappointment and resolve. As she takes us along her journey, it is evident that in spite of or maybe because of the many challenges she faced, Bella is full of love for life itself and especially for her family. It is impossible to leave a performance untouched by Bella. If you have a chance to see a production of this wonderful show, do not miss it.”

I could not write it any better. But there was more. After the performance, Vicki added a personal touch by showing pictures of her family, many taken by that resilient grandmother, Bella, who was a professional photographer.

It was an evening to treasure. We MUST bring Vicki Summers back to Rhode Island. See the play. You will not be disappointed.

You can contact Vicki through her web site at  vicki-summers.com

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